Olga Malkina piano - Russian Album

Olga Malkina piano - Russian Album

At long last, encouraged by her many fans, it has arrived: Olga Malkina’s solo album!
Elly Salome: “…you can hear the love for the works through her performance.”
Olga made an excellent choice from the many great composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The recordings for this CD were made from 30 June – 2 July 2013 in the Auditorium of the Frits Philips Concert Hall in Eindhoven.
Another first impression: “Thank you so much for sending the CD. Listening to it was pure joy – breath-taking!” Ad van der Kouwe.
Jared Sacks, from Channel Classics Records, supported the recordings.

The price of the CD is € 14.95 incl. postage
.ISBN 9-789082-2801-0-4

Brief review by OpusKlassiek.nl:

In this CD recording Olga Malkina has put together a programme showcasing the work of four composers. The programme is rich in contrast, yet admirably balanced. It shows great ambition both in terms of interpretation and virtuosity.
The single-movement sonata by Prokofiev (heard in this instance in the composer’s 1917 revised version) is performed solidly, while she gives free rein to her imagination in Rachmaninov’s three Etudes-Tableaux.
The build-up of tension in prelude op. 32, no. 10 is admirable.
I have heard the two Shchedrin miniatures played in a different way, but by no means better. Delightful!

Olga Malkina: a talented musician, and one to watch.
Full text of this review: www.OpusKlassiek.nl

Aart v.d. Wal.

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